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How Many Times Can A Thermal Paper Roll be Printed?

As a supplier of cashier paper, we are also surprised that customers pay more attention to the thickness and feel of the paper than the printable length of cashier paper. Therefore, the market as the use of thermal paper as cashier paper more and thicker thermal paper roll to cut production. In fact, in the field of the thermal paper roll, the main cost is not thickness, the main basis of pricing is in square meters, that is, and meters determine the price of more weight.

So we're going to talk a little bit about the length of some of the most common sizes of thermally sensitive paper on the market, and we're going to calculate how many times a roll of thermally sensitive paper can be printed.

For example, 80 series of heat sensitive printing paper used in ordinary shopping malls, the number of 80*80 meters can range from 55 meters to 65 meters. If using a thinner 58 grams of heat sensitive paper, it can reach 75 meters.

The length of 80*60 heat-sensitive cashier papers is about 30 meters, and according to the outer diameter of the axis of the heat-sensitive printer paper and the actual thickness of the paper, here are the normal 65 grams of heat-sensitive paper;

The length of 57*50 thermosensitive printed paper is about 21 meters. Of course, at present, there are very few pieces with an outer diameter of 50 mm, marked as 50.

The POS machine printing paper of 57*30 is about 7-10 meters, which is also affected by the thickness and axis size of the thermal sensitive paper.

Knowing the meter length of the heat-sensitive paper roll, it is easy to calculate how many copies each roll can print.

Take the common example of supermarket cashier paper. The length of each receipt is about 150MM. If it is 80*80 (60m), the number of copies that can be printed on a roll of thermally sensitive paper is 60÷0.15=400.

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