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Inkjet Plotter Paper

The original coating paper is suitable for low cost and long-term printing, such as marks and posters. Bright frosted inkjet printing paper makes the color bright and rich, and the image of large amount of ink appears clear and smooth.


Posters and presentations
POP and retail display charts
Geographic information system (GIS)
Architecture (AEC) and computer aided design (CAD)

(1) After printing, it can be coated and framed.
(2) It is economical, durable and suitable for long-term application, daily printing with color accurate , POP and design proof.

Applicable models:

HPZ 6800, Z6200, T7100, T7200, T795, T790, T790, T1300, T920, T930, T830, T610, t11100, Z2100, Z5200, 500,800, etc.

Product name: roller engineering drawing

A0 (880mm* 50m) A1 (620mm* 50m) A2 (440mm* 50m) is not exceeding 2 m in the positive and negative error of each volume, which is normal in the square of error.
Gram weight: 80 grams of double glue paper
Paper tube: diameter of 2 inches (about 5CM in diameter) diameter: 10cm (including paper)

It is crafty, smooth and foldable.
The quality is stable and durable, and the storage life is long and complete in specification.
Satisfy all kinds of engineering photocopiers, plotters and other cartographic requirements.

using pure wood pulp manufacturing base paper, it is more uniform fine paper with special paper professional surface treatment. It is more white and smooth, fine absorbency,  plotter preferred. It is the best choice for high-grade paper. And it can apply to plotter series printer monochrome or color print high-grade selection; The engineering drawing paper is thick and solid.
(pipe core: 2 inches) complete in specification: its width is divided into 1520, 1370, 1270, 1070, 914, 880, 620, 440 and 310mm, which are all 50 meters long.
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