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Coated paper label, thermal paper label are always indistinguishable? Here’s some goods incoming

Nowadays a lot of label paper is widely used, I believe most of us have met this situation, we usually buy plastic products such as vases, bowls and so on in the supermarket, glass products and ceramics, it will also be put on the label paper manufacturers. At present, the commonly used label paper on the market is mainly copper plate label and thermal paper label, some people will ask: how do I distinguish? Coated paper thermal paper is not clear? In fact, the easiest way to test thermal paper is to scratch it with your fingernails, leaving black scratches.

1. First we will understand the characteristics of coated paper label and thermal paper label:

(1) Coated paper label material characteristics: not waterproof, not oil-proof, can be torn, a dumb surface, light, light points.

Available materials: gration coated paper, yellow coated paper, imported coated paper.

Scope of application: supermarket, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines.

(2) material characteristics of thermal paper label: not waterproof, not oil-proof, and can be torn.

Optional material: entrance thermal paper, homebred heat sensitive paper, actually now homebred the thermal paper effect that a lot of manufacturer produce is very good also.

Scope of application: more used in supermarket electronic scale label, chemical laboratory, etc.

2. Then we will talk about the difference between coated paper label and thermal paper label:

(1) Coated paper labels last a little longer than thermal paper labels, so when you buy a label you need to decide according to the time you stick to the goods.

(2) coated paper labels are less affected by temperature, but thermal paper labels are affected by temperature, so generally stick on the surface of the product labels if the temperature is affected by the large, the printing plant is generally recommended to choose coated paper labels.

(3) coated paper labels need to be printed together with carbon belt, thermal paper labels do not need carbon belt printing, can be directly installed in the bar code printer to print.

3. Finally, let's talk about the price of coated paper labels and thermal paper labels:

In general, how does the printing house be given the price? Whether it is coated paper label or thermal paper label, can be customized according to the needs of customers, if there are samples, can be directly based on the sample printing, the most important is that the quotation is not to say how much a piece, but according to the number of printing, the more the more cost-effective!
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