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How to Solve Deficiency of Back Printing on NCR

Carbon-free copy paper is a kind of paper used to copy multiple copies. And the 3 ply NCR paper roll can be divided into three layers: top paper (CB paper), middle paper (CFB paper) and bottom paper (CF paper). CB is coated with microcapsules which are containing chromogenic agents and CF is coated with chemical coatings which are containing chromogenic agents. At present, it is mainly used in the field of commercial paper.

In the commercial paper printing production, more and more customers want to print words or forms on the CB surface of carbon-free copy paper. This information is generally small, and the lines of words are thin. Because water and ink are difficult to control, the phenomenon of text deficiency and unclear text often occurs, and it will cause losses to the printing enterprises and their customers.

Generally speaking, the main reasons for the deficiency of text are printing plate in the sun, small printing pressure, small amount of ink supply, large amount of water supply, high speed of printing, poor quality of the paper and so on.

In order to solve the problem of the text of paper CB on carbon-free copying paper, we should take the following measures:

1. Check the quality of the paper and test the performance of the paper.

2. Properly reduce the viscosity of the ink.

3. Properly improve the printing pressure.

4. Reduce the speed of printing.

5. Control the balance of ink and water.

6. When the quality of the paper is poor (sometimes the paper is specified by the customer), we need to replace the new rubber blanket printing with better quality.

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