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What are the Common Cash Register Paper?

1. carbon-free copy cash register paper

Carbon-free paper is also called copy paper. Copy paper has upper paper (CB), middle paper (CFB), low paper (CF). The back of the upper paper has a strong sensitive oil capsules, while the front of the middle paper is coated with a colorant, and the back has a strong sensitive oil capsule. At the same time, the lower paper is coated with a colorant. Through the printer and hard writing seen on the hair agent, the chemical reaction happens, which can achieve the effect of copy. The surface of the non-carbon cash register paper is smooth, easy to print, write, and the copy words is clearly visible, will not fade or dirty office supplies and fingers. In addition, non-carbon paper after printing can last for a long time, which is not easy to fade.

Common carbon-free paper has white, yellow, red, purple, blue, green and other colors to distinguish the use of two, three, four, five couplets. Among them, the first needs to write with force to make the writing or printer display color, while the others are displayed by pressure color.

The receipts, logistics receipts, shipping bills, hotel accommodation, bills, charges and so on we often use are all using carbon-free copy cash register paper.

2. Thermal cash register paper

Thermal paper is a kind of processing paper, which is a kind of thermal cash register paper which is coated with thermal layer on high-quality base paper and printed by thermal printing head. Usually it is in an roll-up form.

The printing speed of thermal printing paper is fast, and it doesn’t consume the printing materials. It only needs the professional thermal printing machine. However, the thermal paper is affected by temperature, and the storage time after printing is not very long.

Nowadays, supermarket ticket paper, restaurant ticket paper, movie ticket paper and so on all use thermal cash register paper.

3. Double glue cash register paper

Double glue paper is single layer, and there is no coating on the surface of the paper. It is cash register paper that prints words on the paper by ribbon.

Double glue has good water resistance, good paper smoothness and good ink absorption.

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