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Introduction of the Customized Bank ATM Cash Register Paper

The common types of the customized bank ATM cash register paper include 80*80 type, 80*100 type, 80*120 type, 80*140 type, 80*150 type, 80*200 type, etc.

1. Core advantages: it is made of green paper pulp, which has clear color, uniform coating, no jammed paper, and no damage to the printing machine; the original paper does not contain bisphenol A and fluorescent whitening agent C. It chooses the imported environmental protection plant ink as printing ink. So the printed finished products do no harm to the human body when people touch it.

2. Product features: the thermal cash register paper is mainly used in the thermal printers of the cashier system. The thermal cash register paper has a uniform color, good smoothness, and high whiteness. It doesn’t need consumptive material, carbon tape, ribbon or ink cartridge in the long storage period. So the thermal cash register paper has a tendency to replace the ordinary cash register paper in the cashier system.

3.Printing area: printable branch name, serial number, and date, etc.

Our company has established a perfect security system, passed through the ISO9001 international quality system certification. And our company has been continuously improving the internal system of quality management. We have established the ERP printing management system, realized the informatization, modernization, and digitalization of the internal management process. Besides, we also accept the customization of customers, including the customized ATM receipt roll.

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