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57 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll

The Characteristics of  57 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll:
  • It uses high-grading imported raw material of thermal paper. The paper capa-citor is 100% wood pulp, which has nonirritant smell and does no harm to human beings.
  • The printing is clear and the content can be displayed evenly. The paper will not damage the print head. When using it as high-quality paper, it is beneficial to prolong the service life of a printer.
  • The paper's thermal coating is colored. Its surface is bright and smooth, the print out rate is fast, and it has a good effect on displaying the character. Besides, the storage time is longer.
  • It applies imported advanced equipment which is for special use. The paper is cut and trimmed, whose surface is neat and smooth.
  • The manufacture which is served for special use can meet different needs of customers.
  • The special workshop for production is equipped with advanced production technology and personnel for operation, which can produce tens of thousands of volumes each day.
  • It is applicable to hospitals, banks, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, etc..

The four categories of cashier paper:

1. Double gummed paper: the cashier paper that is processed by the common double gummed paper is all monolayer. There is no any coating on the paper, and the content is printed on the top of the ribbon.

2. Thermal paper: the cashier paper that is processed by the thermal paper is all one layer. There is thermal chemical coating. The cashier paper which has been printed to coloration through laser thermal print head includes the following characteristics: it doesn't need printing supplies, carbon ribbon nor ink box. What's more, the surface of paper is rather smooth. When using fingernail or hard objects to scratch it, there will be a clear mark on it.

3. Carbonless paper: this kind of cashier paper is made of at least two layers or more, among which the first page needs printing to coloration by needle printer, but the rest of them depend on needle printer to press to color them.

4. Self-induction paper: this kind of cashier paper is composed of layer or multi layers, which relies on needle printer to press to be colored. The printing paper does not need to be installed the ribbon. The first page of this cashier paper is called self-induction paper, and the rest of them are common carbonless paper.
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