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75 x 70 NCR Paper Roll

Name: cashier paper (double layer) 75*70 carbonless paper
Size: 75*70mm
Gross weight: 12KG/box
Packing quantity: 50 rolls/box
Executive standard: Q/HY-2013   Grade: qualified

Product features:

1. High cost performance: The cashier paper is different from other cashier papers. It has strict requirements for the actual meters of paper, the display level of clear and the storage period. As for the paper products which are carefully selected by our factory, on the basis of quality and guarantee, it is the most cost-effective paper in the market.
2. Long storage period: The base paper is produced by the domestic large carbonless paper factory. The quality is good. The color is clear and the storage period is long.
3. Good raw materials: The raw materials are carbonless paper which is made from pure wood pulp in China. Our cashier paper can be compared with the best known carbonless paper on the market!
4. Confirmed quantity: They are produced in accordance with the actual meters of the specifications.
5. Plastic pipe core: The plastic core or the paper tube core can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Other product advantages:

1. Supermarket cashier paper: 57*50, 80*50, 80*60, 80*80 etc.
2. The front desk of catering hotel cashier paper, and the kitchen printing paper etc.
3. Mobile POS machine paper (card reader paper): 57*25, 57*30, 57*40 etc.
4. ATM machine paper: 80*100 etc.
5. Electronic weigher paper, thermal sticker: 40*30, 50*30, 60*40, 70*40, 80*60, 100*40
6. Computer printing paper: 241mm, 120mm ,381mm
7. Thermal fax paper: 210*30, 216*30
8. Thermal paper printing, supermarket cashier paper back AD printing

Layer number: double layer
Package specification: 90 rolls/box
Weight: 48-55 (g/m2)
Thickness: 0.048 (mm)
Smoothness: 90
Glossiness: 92
Specification: 75*70mm
Applicable scope: supermarket, hotel, restaurant, clothing and other general fields
Length (m): 28
Paper width (mm): 75
Outer diameter of tube core (mm): 22
Import or not: no
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