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Notes for the Selection of Thermal Paper Roll

The thermal sensitive paper roll uses the production of the paper processing, the quality of the paper depends entirely on the quality of the double adhesive tape. To achieve good using effect, first, see material pledge, white paper without impurity on the surface of wood pulp paper, production of paper tension is good, clean appearance, using mixed pulp paper or straw paper, more or less a bit miscellaneous points above, obviously, a pull is also poor, pulled a printing process, is actually the smoothness, smoothness good paper can reduce the wear and tear of the print head and can achieve good printing effect.

Thermal paper roll is a kind of printing paper especially used for the thermal sensitive printer. Its quality will directly affect the printing quality and storage time, and even affect the service life of the printer.

Identification methods of thermal paper rolls:

1: The first to see the appearance of the paper, the quality is good thermal paper has good hair color uniformity, smoothness, high whiteness, advantages be suffused with green, if the paper is very white, so the protection layer of paper and thermal coating is unreasonable, added too much phosphor, if the paper is bright and clean degree is not high or look uneven, then the paper coating is not even, if the paper looks the reflected light is very strong, also is added too many phosphorus.

2: Followed by roast, with fire heating on the back of the paper, if the paper is now out of brown color and specification for thermal formula is not very reasonable, save the time may be more short, if the paper is on the black part has a small section or uneven color piece, uneven coating, good quality paper should be a dark green after heating, and uniform color piece, from the center to color become weak gradually.

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