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Is long-term contact thermal paper harmful to the person?

Strictly speaking, the thermal paper color is coated on the top of some chemical raw materials such as bisphenol A and other substances. And A4 type of ordinary paper or some differences, long-term contact or a certain amount can cause some certain damage. In this case, if we want to reduce the thermal paper on the body, we need choose the regular manufacturers of products. Also need to learn to distinguish the merits of thermal paper.

First of all, we can judge the quality of thermal paper through observation, good thermal paper substrate layer is native wood pulp production, its thermal layer and protective layer is very uniform, so the appearance of the surface coating is smooth, the surface is slightly green. The color of the paper that is too white is generally added too much bleach, the heat sensitive paper with too much bleach paper roll cutting edge will have a lot of debris.

In addition, we can adopt the method of fire to test the stand or fall of thermal paper, with the flame roasting on the back of the paper, thermal paper color coating will be heated black, at that time, good thermal paper, as a result of the paper heated center and edge heating, heating, therefore, the depth change of black from center to around more and more weak.

The most important is judge from the actual print quality, a good thermal paper can print clear contents. For them bad thermal paper, text parts are easy to miss, and is difficult to identify.
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