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How to Distinguish Thermal Paper and Coated Paper

The surface of thermal paper is smooth, if you use finger to scarp, it will be a black line, if you use lighter to heat it on the back, it will turn into black, printing side won't change its color. Thermal paper has both sides, against the light, light side is print front, darker side is the other side. Outside of paper roll is front while inside is back side.

Thermal paper is with thermal color display function without thermal transfer ribbons and printing supplies. At the same time, thermal paper is more expensive than coated paper. Coated is white with smooth surface and heavier weight, it is also called advanced printing paper. Coated paper is divided into single coated paper and double coated paper. Coated can be printed with thermal transfer ribbons because it doesn't have color display function. However, thermal paper can't keep its color display function for a long time. The retention time of coated paper is longer than thermal paper's because coated paper has less influence from temperature while thermal paper has more influence from temperature. Many entrance tickets, guest cards, invitation letters, tickets and production introduction and leaflet are made of coated paper.

Thermal paper is also used widely in many fields, such as shopping mall, restaurants, telecom industry, cinemas, hospitals and tourism entrance tickets. Thermal paper also can be used as roll tickets, folding exhibition certificate, meals coupons and boarding checks.

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