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How to choose cash register paper in the bakery?

Thermal cash register rolls on thermal paper are used for printing paper on thermal printers. At present, 80% of the receipt printing paper used in bakery cash register rolls is thermal cash register rolls. Therefore, the quality of cash register rolls in the bakery cash register directly affects the printing quality and storage time and more directly affects the use of cash register printers in the bakery.Life.

First, let's look at the structure of the cash register in the bakery.

Thermal cash register rolls are generally divided into three layers. The bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal sensitive coating, and the third layer is a thermal sensitive coating or protective coating, which mainly affects its quality. If the coating of thermal cash register rolls is not uniform, the color of printing will vary. If the chemical composition of thermal cash register rolls coating is unreasonable, it will shorten the storage time of thermal cash register rolls after printing. The protective layer is also critical for the storage time after printing. It can absorb part of the thermal cash register rolls and cause the chemical formation of thermal sensitive coatings. The reaction of light, slow down the deterioration of thermal cash register rolls.

So, how to choose a good thermal cash register rolls?

Method 1: Look at the appearance of the paper. The thermal cash register rolls with good quality have a uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness, and a little green.

If the paper is very white, the protective coatings and thermal coatings on the paper are unreasonable and excessive phosphors are added.

If the paper finish is not high or looks uneven, then the paper coating is uneven.

If the paper looks very reflective, it also adds too much phosphor.

Method 2: Heat the back of the paper with fire. If the color of the paper is brown, the heat-sensitive formula is unreasonable and the storage time may be short. If the black part of the paper has fine stripes or uneven color blocks, the coating is uneven. The better quality paper should be black-green after heating, and the color block is uniform, gradually fading from the center to the surrounding color.

Method 3: Comparing the positive and negative sides. In order to reduce the cost of cash register paper, some manufacturers use "high-tech" means. The front side is very white and bright, adding a lot of phosphor and calcium carbonate. On the contrary, the reverse side is very rough, using recycled paper, which makes paper fall a lot of scraps in printing and paper cutting, seriously affecting the life of printing head and automatic paper cutting knife.
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