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Advantages of Cashier Register Paper

With the progress of the era, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets have adopted intelligent systems for better management. For example, the thermal paper is needed by the hotel and the supermarket. The specifications of small receipts are generally 57*50mm, which are served for the customers. Our company specializes in providing high-quality products and close services for business owners.

Our company distributes and wholesales thermal paper, cashier register paper, and other office paper, and we sell well in the consumer market. Our company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents. With the principle of ensuring product quality, various kinds of characteristics and small profits and quick turnover, we have won the trust of most customers.

The Advantages Of Our Company's Wholesale Cash Register Paper Are As Follows:

1. The color is clear and the saving time of the script is long. Under good preservation conditions, it can keep the scripts to 1 year;

2. It has the high smoothness and little damage to the print head. Compared with other cashier register paper on the market, it has no dust, and the printer's service life is prolonged;

3. It is produced by 100% wood pulp raw materials. It has a delicate feel, good appearance, and stable quality.

4. In the process of making it, it is supposed that the cut cross section needs to be neat by using the imported knife tools. And there should be no paper scraps, no jammed paper, and no waste.
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