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The definition and use of thermal paper

The so-called thermal paper is coated with a fineness material by thermal signal excitation and their own color of the information recording paper. That is, the thermal paper is a special coated paper which gives energy (thermal energy) on the surface of the paper and causes the material (developer) to undergo physical or chemical properties to obtain an image.

Thermal paper is with the popularity of the machine in the world and the rapid development of the speed, but because of the development of electronic communications, thermal paper not only in the form of fax paper popular in the individual family, but also in the business, supermarkets, Hospitals, airports and other fields. Its use is becoming more and more widely, the variety is increasing day by day, , At present, the main application areas are as follows.

(1) fax machine with thermal paper is mainly used for various types of thermal paper fax machine. There are business use, there are family and so on. At present, the use of this type of thermal paper machine accounted for about half of the total output, is the 20th century, the late 80's thermal paper main direction. Its quality goal is to pursue the high speed of the fax record, the high density (blackness) of the lines and the preservation after recording. Such as from the record speed, has been developed from the G2 to G3 and even G4 type, up to each A4-size paper about 15S high-speed fax.

(2) printing and terminal recording with thermal paper to meet the needs of a variety of new terminal recording equipment, the development of different varieties can be widely used in word processor, medical testing and industrial testing of print records, electronic computer design (Such as CAD / CMA), counters, cash automatic payment machines (ATM / CD) and portable terminal printers, such as printing, expressways, taxis and other receipt records.

(3) labels and notes with thermal paper thermal paper in recent years, new products extended to the field of labels, and the development of speed. It is a combination of thermal paper and stickers. In the back of the hot paper coated with stickers and composite in the anti-sticking paper, for the need to print the label.

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