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2-Ply NCR Paper Rolls

Carbonless paper (NCR )This cashier paper by at least two or more layers, wherein the first contact with the needle type printer to print color, but behind the associated by needle type printer color printing pressure. Through the use of NCR paper roll in daily operations.  NCR Paper rolls used to provide audit trails for sales or other transactions for the company, making them one of the most useful supplies for industrial and commercial use size and type depends on the intended use.

In the market the common size of 2 ply NCR paper rolls are usually used in calculators, cash registers, credit card machine and point of sale transactions . One is original ,the other copy as a record.It is available in various sizes, width and thickness as per the specific business applications of your requirements .

2 Ply White / Pink / ; or white /Yellow Rolls
  • Used where an original and copy are required.
  • Suitable for all types of Cash Registers.

We are exporting NCR paper roll to the following Countries:

30% Australia ,New Zealand ,Canada,
20% Kuwait ,Kenya
25% Singapore ,Pakistan ,Kenya,
10% UAE (Dubai),Austria, Italy .

5% Bangladesh.

Two Ply  Carbonless NCR Paper Roll

  • MOQ:5000 Rolls.
  • Printing with your logo or advertisement brightly and clearly.
  • Good quality with cheaper price.
  • Fast delivery after getting deposit .
  • Image is black or blue .
  • Popular size Details: 75*75mm .

We also have the other common size :

75*60mm / 75*70mm/ 57*70mm/ 57*60mm/ 57*55mm

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