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Subversion of Industry Rules, the Strongest Guide of Choosing and Purchasing the Cashier Register Pa

Cash register paper is one of the most contacted papers in our daily life. As long as you go out to work, you can get access to it. Generally speaking, cash register paper can be divided into three categories: double glue paper, thermal paper and carbon-free paper. The most widely used and often used by shopping mall and supermarket cashier is the thermal cash register paper.

The basic methods of choosing and purchasing thermal cash register paper, such as looking at the appearance of the paper, touching the smoothness of the paper, and baking on fire, will draw different conclusions according to the different personal experience. This paper will not elaborate. Next, this article will introduce a rational identification technique, so that you can also discern the quality of the paper at a glance even though you never touch the cashier paper.

First, Look at the number of meters not the diameter

The specification of cash register paper is expressed by width and diameter. If we often use 57 x 50, that is, the width of cash register paper is 57 mm, and the diameter of paper is 50 mm. In practice, the length of the paper decides how long the paper can be used, that is, the number of meters. The size of the outer diameter is affected by the size of the paper core tube, the thickness of the paper, the tightness of the roll and other factors, and the full diameter is not necessarily full meters.

Second, Preservation time of color rendering after printing

For cash register paper of the general purpose, six months and one year are enough for color rendering and preservation. Short-term cash register paper can only be kept for 3 days, while the longest can be kept for 32 years (for long-term preservation of archives). We should choose the paper of different color preservation time according to their own needs.

Third, Whether the functions meet the requirements

The cash register paper for general purpose meets the waterproof requirements, which is enough. There is a single, multiple delivery of the use of demand in the restaurant, KTV place, so we can choose cash register paper of the scratch color . The kitchen printing, considering the functions of oil, exports, logistics, so they need to have the three-anti function, and so on.
Our company recommends the cash register paper for you, following the principle of just satisfying the demand, neither appearing the product you buy, not satisfying the use demand, nor the function we don’t need, bringing extra cost, neither more nor less.

Fourth, pay attention to the technical indicators of the cash register paper

The technical indicators, such as whiteness, smoothness, color rendering performance, color rendering storage time after printing and so on, are the key parameters to evaluate the quality of a cash register paper. When buying, customers should pay attention to the point that the higher the technical parameters is, the better paper quality is, bringing a higher cost.

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