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Thermal paper development status of Japan

Information paper with the development of information society, its demand has been increasing. Thermal paper and ink-jet printing paper is one of the representatives of thermal paper is formed by thermal image. Thermal paper melt transfer printing, diffusion transfer printing, direct hair color, etc., among them, colorless type of direct hair color thermal paper accounted for the vast majority, generally said that the typical thermal paper is this kind of thermal paper.

With the improvement of the quality of thermal paper, the hardware is becoming simple, small and cheap, and the thermal recording method is developing. Colorless dye thermal paper is easy to form the color, and ordinary paper has similar characteristics, in order to further improve the clarity and extend the preservation time for the goal of all kinds of raw materials and thermal paper manufacturing methods are developed every year.

In Japan, PPC paper (copy paper) and form paper are also information paper, so the amount of information paper is overwhelming. Thermal recording paper and carbon - free carbon paper are two representative varieties with high technical content.

The production of thermal paper is not only the development of raw materials, raw paper quality and manufacturing method is also very important, paper enterprises must have comprehensive ability, and China is different, a few comprehensive enterprises market share higher.

Although thermal paper is the first invention of the United States, it was developed in Japan, Japan is also in a leading position in technology. Over a period of time, the world market share reached 70%. It not only exports, but also produces locally all over the world, and now occupies more than 50% market share in the world market. Recently, however, patents on materials have expired, and overseas companies are gradually improving their manufacturing capabilities by importing Japanese technology.
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