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The characteristics of Thermal Sashier Paper Roll

About the characteristics and water content of thermal cashier paper roll, its test must be done in the standard atmospheric condition, because the characteristic of thermal cashier paper roll are changing according to its water content, at the same time, water content has something to do with the relative degree of atmosphere.

At present, the standard atmospheric condition of general paper and cardboard is 20%, its relative humidity is 65%, international standard and domestic standard are all it. In America and other countries, they choose 23℃ and 50% relative humidity as their standard, it considers the influence of 50% humidity is lower than the influence of 65% humidity. The possibility of 50% humidity is larger than it with 65% because of the use of laboratory and heating installation in car. If the test is done in the laboratory without heating and air-conditioner, the humidity of paper is between 40-60%.

Among the receipt products that are produced with thermal cashier paper roll, some are with location recognition function, that is called black cursor printing, for short, it is called black label printing.

The characteristic of black label printing products with thermal cashier paper roll is that we can see the same black diamonds at the same distance apart on the front and back of roll. This black diamond is called black label,. It can recognize different location according to customers' equipment, black side can be printed on the front or back as well as on the right or left, what's more, it can be printed on both sides even in the middle.

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