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The Process of Producing Printed Paper Roll

This printed paper roll mainly takes the production of high white double adhesive paper as an example. First of all, we need to have the raw material. The main raw material for papermaking is plant fiber, commonly known as for pulp, generally can be divided into the following categories: wood pulp, straw, sugarcane pulp, cotton pulp, recycled paper products, and so on, combined with starch, paint, chemical raw materials, such as whitening agent and mix these materials according to certain proportion, after high-temperature heating, grinding screening, constitutes the essentials needed to build the pulp papermaking.

The pulp can be used for printing only through the pulp box, the screen part, the press part, the drying cadre, the press machine, the rewinding machine, or the paper cutting machine. The pulp can be sprayed uniformly into the net cloth through the pulp box to form the wet paper width of the size we want to produce. Then dried by the paper drying, it will be wet sheet of the press polish, in order to make the paper better compatibility, and can be used for more printing, according to the need to have a press polish, the second press polish, the third press polish, also can choose not to press polish. Press polish can improve the smoothness of sheet, glossiness, and tightness, the thickness of the sheet complete consistent, and reduce the porosity; The more the number of ways to press polish the more smooth the paper is, the more compact the gloss and the overall thickness are, the better the consistency. However, after the paper is pressed, the thickness will decrease correspondingly.

At this time, the paper produced cannot be used by the printing press. In order to adapt to the different needs of different printing presses, there is also a rewinding machine and a paper cutting machine in the papermaking workshop.

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