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How to Distinguish Good And Bad Adhesive Lables Roll Printing Material

Adhesive labels roll materials are widely used in the printing industry, its use is increasingly mature, adhesive labels roll material quality is also in the paragraph of improvement, of course, there are some inferior counterfeit, so how can we distinguish adhesive labels roll material?

Surface material

It refers to surface material. Generally speaking,all flexible materials can be used as adhesive materials of the fabric, the type of surface depends on the final application and printing process.

Surface material should be able to:

A: suitable for printing and printing with good inking
B: strong enough to accept all kinds of processing
C:  have consistency between the gloss and color of plane material, it decides the adhesive material ink absorption uniformity and the same batch of label printing color.

Surface coating

It is used to change the surface properties of the surface material, such as improving the surface tension, changing the color, adding protective layer, etc, so that to make it better to accept ink and easy to print, to prevent smudge, increase ink adhesion and prevent printing graphics text off.
A: Surface coating is mainly used for non-absorbent materials, such as aluminum foil, aluminized paper and various film materials.
B: Coating strength determines whether a large amount of paper powder will be produced during printing and it is an important index to determine printing quality.


It is the same as the surface coating, but it is the coating on the back of the surface material, the main purpose of the undercoat is:
A:  Protect facing material to prevent penetration of adhesive
B:  Increase the opacity of the fabric
C:  Increase the adhesion between the surface of the adhesive material
D:  Prevent plastic surface material in the plasticizer penetration into the adhesive so that affecting  its adhesive performance, resulting in reduced adhesive force of the label, at last, it causes label off.


Glue acts as a medium between the label material and the bonding substrate. It can be classified as permanent or removable according to its characteristics. It has a variety of recipes, it is suitable for different materials and different occasions. Adhesive is the most important component of adhesive labels roll material technology, it is the key to label application technology.

Body paper

The role of the body paper is to accept the release agent coating, protect the surface of the backing of the adhesive, support surface material, so that it can be die-cut waste and labeling machine labeling. As surface material, substrate thickness uniformity and strength indicator is not only related to the printing performance but also the important index for determining the die-cutting uniformity and wasting disposal speed and the edge of the important indicators of fracture.

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