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Our company is specialized in the production of silver paper, all kinds of shopping small paper, heat sensitive paper, heat-sensitive printing paper, POS paper, roll-type printing paper, mobile POS machine paper, etc. It can produce any volume print paper with any diameter and any number of meters. Professional production, wholesale and retail is all available.  Please visit us!

Name: teleprinters

Specification: 104 mm (paper width) *100 mm (paper diameter, plus or minus 2 mm)

Number of cases: 24 volumes

Tubular: 25.4 mm

Material: pure wood pulp, high white wood pulp paper

Paper quality: stable product quality; delicate surface, anti-water performance, no penetration and diffusion phenomenon, accurate and reliable data

Application: mostly used in steel, chemical, petroleum, textile, medical, communications, postal and other industries.

High white teletype paper is made of quality double offset paper. 104*100 means: the width of the paper is 104 mm, and the diameter 100 mm. Each case is 24 rolls. The product has no paper chip,  also satisfying the workmanship standard. And the printing is clear. It is a product of high-quality performance. Welcome dealers, agents, and other customers to contact us directly.

Characteristics of pos thermal paper for teleprinter:

1. [cost-effective] stable product quality, fine paper surface, good water resistance, no penetration when used diffusion phenomenon; accurate and reliable record data.
2. long shelf life】 base paper is currently the domestic production of double-tape manufacturers, high quality, clear color, long shelf life; shelf life of up to 2 years.
3. [enough quantity] according to the actual number of meters in accordance with the specifications.

In line with the management idea of "seeking survival with quality, seeking development with good faith", it is innovative with the gallbladder. Now we have introduced multi-cashing equipment, mainly including self-adhesive label paper, Xerox paper, computer printing paper, fax paper, integrated speed printing paper and other series of office paper. We will be committed to the development of other special paper. We strive to provide "one-stop" service for customers' purchase. Our company is a private enterprise, operating in a straight line flexibly and efficiently. Wholeheartedly welcome the general seller to discuss cooperation, complementation, and mutual benefit, and create a beautiful tomorrow!
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