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Advantages of Thermal Paper Printing

57mm thermal paper rolls wholesale can be used to heat to a strip shape and then melt into label material ink press pin. The ink can prevent the fire from spreading of wax and base materials. Ink is spreading to stop wax. Then, actually absorbed into ink label material and permanently set. Once absorbed into the label material ink. Therefore, the heat transfer printing process and the resulting labels have more longevity and durability. Thermal transfer printers have the advantages of sheet paper, film printing, and even foil substrates.

In thermal label printing, the thermal printer head is responsible for applying for hot ribbon, it melts the ink on the material and forms an image. Thermal print provides easy printing capability with low maintenance. This method provides on-demand printing technology for image quality and durability. Thermal labels are generally used for product identification, circuit board labels, asset labels and inventory identification. Thermal printers are usually used to create price registers, bar codes, etc. Price labels, barcode labels, many heat transfer label printing methods associated with heat creation to activate specific paper ink printing embedded text and image. This method is transmitted to specific files using hot images and text.

The print head of the thermal printer consists of a ribbon, thermal paper cots, and rollers. A printing head, ribbon, thermal paper, roll to form a thermal printer. The printhead of the thermal printer has many feet of resistance to heat and melt into paper ink ATM paper. Heat the printing head from the thermal printer to melt into the foot of the contact ink paper.
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