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The Advantages and disadvantages of Thermal Printer Paper Rolls

The history of thermal printer paper rolls fax machine is the longest among others with low price, it can print flexibly and clip automatically, it can also receive manually or automatically.

Compared with ink-jet and laser integrated machine, its greater advantage is automatic identification model. When fax machine is set as automatic identification model, fax machine will stop for a few seconds after ringing to check whether it is from common telephone or fax machine panel. If it is facsimile signal, it will receive fax automatically, if it is just a voice signal, it will keep ringing until nobody picks it and then it gives a facsimile signal. Compared with automatic receiving model, this kind of model is smarter with less lost calls. Besides, fax machine with thermal printer paper rolls can be successful more easily in the complicated environment with good compatibility.

The largest disadvantage of fax machine with thermal printer paper rolls is its single function, it only has fax function, some is with copy function, but it can not be connected with computer, compared with  ink-jet and laser integrated machine, it can't achieve printing from computer to fax machine as well as scanning function from fax machine to computer. At the same time, its hardware is simple with bad two page separation function, it can only transfer page by page. This kind of fax machine is also with simple menu design, it is difficult to adjust brightness and lightness and contrast ratio in the process of sending special contribution.

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