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Thermal Paper

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper?

Advantages: Thermal paper printer matched with thermal paper does not need to use carbon ribbon and other color materials, so it is very convenient to replace thermal paper after the printing paper is used up.

Disadvantage: Because the text and other information on thermal paper are produced by chemical reaction, and these chemicals are generally not very stable, so the printed receipts will become thinner and thinner with the prolongation of storage time. If printed content is important, it is impossible to aspire to long-term preservation.

2: How to distinguish thermal paper?

Thermal paper can be distinguished by using fingernails to scratch on it. If the area where the fingernails slide turns black, it means that the paper is thermal paper. In addition, a lighter can be used to quickly skim the flame, and its front will quickly darken.

3: What are the printers for thermal paper?

Both thermal printers and thermal transfer bar code printers can actually print thermal papers. Thermal transfer bar code printer can not only realize thermal paper printing but also install carbon tape to the machine to realize non-sticky printing. Of course, according to the size and portability of thermal printers, they are divided into portable thermal printers and fixed thermal printers.
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