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The printing method of adhensive label

1. Letterpress printing: using letterpress thermal adhesive label roll wholesale, its forme is photopolymer plate and water-based ink or UV printing ink that is suitable for flexographic, changing the property of printing ink to suit printed material.

2. Gravure: gravure adopts short ink delivery system, rolled paper printing with high-speed intaglio press, long gravure printing cycle and high printing cost, it is suitable for large batch label production.

3. Offset printing: exquisite image-text and abundant level, film label is all roll to roll printed, which volatile drying ink is needed. Offset printing can print thick plastic material with a large batch.

4. Flexography: simple structure of machine with low cost, flexography adopts water-based ink or printing ink without polluting environment.

5. Silkscreen printing: Silkscreen printing whose printed material has wide adaptation, strong ink color, strong third dimension and low precision, it is not suitable for thin film label production that matches production line.
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