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What is the difference between cash register thermal paper and ordinary paper

Thermal paper is used for cash register to print bills, is a special printing supplies, what is the difference between it and the general paper that we use in daily life? The following is an explanation of this problem.

The principle of thermal paper is coated on the general paper powder, components are colorless dyes phenols or other acidic substances, separated by thin film, in the heat condition, the film melts, powder mixing color reaction. The discoloration of the writing on the thermal paper is unstable and fades easily, making the contents of the document difficult to read.

Thermal paper is specially used for cash register printing paper, that is cash register for thermal paper, its quality directly affects the quality of printing and storage time, and even affects the service life of cash register. At that time on the market there are these good and bad the cash register for thermal paper that are intermingled, the country has not issued the national standard, many users do not know how to distinguish the quality of thermal sensitive paper, this is a lot of businesses make keep inferior thermal sensitive paper supply bento, for the user constitute lost, light storage time become short, handwriting confusion, heavy damage to the printer. The thermosensitive printing paper used in the cash register is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, the second layer is the thermosensitive coating, the third layer is the protective layer, the top impact on its quality is the thermosensitive coating or protective layer.

If cash register for thermal paper coating uneven, will due to when do the printing, there are some places darker, some local colors shallow, significantly lower print quality, if thermal coating chemical formula is not reasonable, cause printing paper keeping time very short, good printing paper after printing can keep (under the condition of normal temperature and avoid direct sunlight) five years, and now more long-term thermal paper can keep ten years, but if the thermosensitive coating formula is not reasonable, can only keep a few months.

Protective coating on print after the storage time is also very crucial, it can absorb some of the onset of thermosensitive coating light chemical reactions, reduce the metamorphosis of printing paper, and can protect the printer heat sensitive components from harm, but if the protective coating is not even, not only can greatly reduce the thermal protection coating, even in the printing process will appear in the protective coating of fine particles falling, resistance temperature sensor for the printer, causing harm to print heat sensitive components.
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