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80 x 55 Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper roll is a kind of converted paper whose manufacturing principle is to spread a layer of "thermochromic coatings"(thermosensitive discoloration layer) on the raw paper with high quality. It is also called thermosensitive fax paper, thermosensitive recording paper, and thermosensitive duplicating paper. In Taiwan, it is named as heat sensitive carbon paper.

The range of application:

Thermal paper roll is a communication carrier of letter and graphics on the fax machine, so it is regarded as fax paper. For medical treatment and measuring system, it is used as recording material such as electrocardiograph paper, thermal instrument recording paper and so on. It is applied as printing paper for the terminal of the Internet. As for the commercial aspect, it is used as making the trademark and POS, etc.. Among them, the use of fax paper occupies the largest proportion.

Thermal paper roll:

1. The characteristics of materials: It is not waterproof, no anti-oil and can be torn.

2. The applicable range: It is mostly used in electronic scale label in the supermarket, small ticket, chemical laboratory, etc..

3. The suitable carbon tape: It can be used without carbon tape.

The storage time:  thermal paper roll can be saved for a short time. If not, it can be broken easily and the print contents are prone to be blurred.

The influence on print head: thermal paper roll doesn't need any carbon tape. But if there is no carbon tape to ease up the friction in the middle, the print head will be damaged easily, shortening its service life.
  • 80*55mm thermal paper for cash register 80*55mm thermal paper for cash register 06,04,2017 thermal paper for cash register rolls for most popular thermal POS Receipt Printer. The popular quality of paper image can be keep in one or two years in dark and dry place.80*55mm Thermal Paper Roll ... view
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