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The Function Of Label Adhesives

The main function of label adhesives which produced by thermal adhesive label roll manufacturers is to attach labels to glass, plastic, metal containers or other product surfaces, it requires the label to be compatible with the product being pasted. There are countless combinations of binders, label materials, and applied products that can pose a great technical challenge to processors. The same problem arises with label coating and bottoming. In addition to performance indicators, other issues are also noted, such as environmental impact. We have seen a gradual decline in the use of solvent adhesives, as well as the migration of adhesive ingredients on food packaging.  For adhesives, water-based pressureless adhesives still account for the largest share, mainly due to the heavy use of wet adhesive labels on high-speed filling lines for cans and bottles. The rewetting adhesive is suitable for the production of adhesive label paper, which is also the initial form of labeling. Such adhesives are usually configured with natural resins, such as casein, starch, and dextrin, which can dissolve or disperse in water and become sticky, when the moisture evaporates or penetrates into the label paper, it can produce strong adhesion. These adhesives are suitable for condensation, temperature fluctuations, refrigeration and other end markets.

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