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Removal of Printed Paper Roll's Vertical Wrinkle

Through the visit to a number of rotary transfer, manufacturers found that this is a common problem. The fault is caused by the horizontal humidity (moisture content) on both sides of the paper tape or the thickness (gram weight) inconsistent. The traditional solution is to water the tight side of a piece of printed paper roll or wrap a small amount of paper around the roller on the loose side to increase its diameter and adjust the tape. After practical use, we found that the cocoon is useful but not effective. The wrinkle is less but still exists.

Later, we also adopted the method of screwing tape from the center of the feed roller to the outside so that the paper tape could be straightened horizontally when it passed by. As a result, the paper tape was basically flat when it entered the printing drum. But this method still cannot solve the problem of paper tape fold completely or bring inconvenience to the operator. However, we were inspired by the method that wrapping tape around the paper feed roller can reduce the wrinkles of the paper belt. We modified the paper roll closest to the printing drum. We chose a larger guide path and threaded the car into multiple threads to straighten the paper horizontally more quickly while adjusting the spring to increase the tension of the paper tape. Since the improvement up to now, the effect is very good and the efficiency is over 98%.
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