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Thermal Paper: Printer Consumables That You Often Don't Notice

Question 1: What is the order paper on the takeaway?

These order papers are called thermal paper. They are commonly used in daily life in two sizes: 57mm wide and 80mm wide. They are generally used in mobile POS machines or supermarket cash register, and 80mm wide for order printing such as catering. The thickness of the paper is the same as that of A4 paper. It is also expressed in grams per square meter. There are many common thicknesses, such as 55g/, 65g/and so on. The total length of the thermal paper is about 30 meters in a volume of 65g/as shown below.

Question 2: Are thermal papers common in life?

In fact, these papers not only apply to take-out orders, but we also go to the supermarket to buy printed shopping receipts, express packages posted on the electronic paper, bank ATM money withdrawal receipts printed are thermal paper. These papers are smoother on the front than on the back, which is also a way to distinguish the positive from the negative. In addition, some supermarkets will print some preferential information directly on the back. This type of thermal paper is relatively thick.

Question 3: How does thermal paper display text?

Thermal paper is divided into three layers according to the different chemical properties of each layer of paper. The bottom layer is the paper base. After some surface treatment of ordinary paper, it can be used for the attachment of heat-sensitive substances. The second layer is thermal coating. This layer is the aggregate of various chemicals, which are colored after being heated. The third layer is the protective layer, which protects the text or pattern from being damaged by the outside world.

The thermosensitive layer is mainly composed of three chemical components, colorless dyes, color reagents, and adhesives. At normal room temperature, these three components will not undergo chemical reactions, but when thermal paper encounters a heated print head, the colorless dyes will react with the chromogenic agent, and then present the text and other information we see.

These text messages will appear black, blue, purple and other colors according to the different colorless dyes selected. This is why we may receive different font colors of tickets on different occasions.
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