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Key Nodes That Adhesive Labels Roll Printing Should Pay Attention to

Adhesive label production is a ring after a ring, each link of which have to be very good to grasp and hold the fine line. For example, adhesive labels roll printing and adhesive labels roll platemaking. Of course, adhesive labels roll printing is also an important link, What should we pay attention to when we are printing? How can we get a better printing effect? Today, Meiyin will introduce the key points in the adhesive labels roll printing process.

1. Adhesive printing on the font, from the cutting edge is necessary to cut >3mm to prevent cutting.

2. With reference to CMYK to print color requirements, it is necessary for the customer to refer to the CMYK chromatographic percentage to determine the manufacturing coloring.

3. When the same document is printed in different times, the color will be different, and the color difference is normal within 10% ( because of different ink volume control ).

4. In the adhesive labels roll printing process, color block color matching please try to prevent the use of dark or full color combination, or printing after cutting will cause  back printing.

5. Adhesive background or background color should not be less than 10% to prevent the printing of finished products can not appear.

6. the thickness of the wire frame of adhesive all input or self-drawn graphics is not small so 0.1mm, otherwise the print will form a broken line or can not appear.

7. When a gradient object is placed in a map frame and cropped precisely, turn it into a bitmap, because the placed frame is rotated after gradually layering with other object groups, the orientation of the gradually layering does not rotate together. In addition, any gradient objects are not set marginal width, because the output machine interpretation is not the same, sometimes it will form a gradient marginal color fill.

8. Please mark broken line, front and back when printing.

9. Regardless of hand prick, print card print, single print or double-sided print, no matter how many people or how many styles, all of them should be placed on the same page, do not pagination.

10. There is no need to draw a cross line or a cutting line for the finished manuscript. Two invisible wire frames can be used to fill the manufacturing scale and bleeding line of 92x56mm. After cutting, it will be 90x54mm( that is 1mm of bleeding was saved on each side). If you have additional requirements, please specify them in the order and in the documents uploaded

11. Pay special attention to any image color block or line out of the manufacturing scale, please put it in the frame. Do not use white color block taboo act the role to prevent the formation of the confusion.

Adhesive labels roll printing, be sure to remember the above contents , only when we master more about printing requirements so that  we can make our adhesive labels roll printing get a better effect. Adhesive labels roll,  quality improvement can be achieved with paying attention to every details, I hope you can remember these points in detail in adhesive labels roll printing.

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