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How to Choose Thermal Papers

Today, let me teach you how to choose cheap thermal paper correctly. At present, the quality of thermal papers in the market varies a lot. The government has not yet issued the national standard. Many users do not know how to identify the quality of thermal papers. This provides convenience for many merchants to manufacture low-qualified thermal paper and brings damages to customers. The storage time becomes shorter, what's worse, the printer can be damaged. So it is very important to choose thermal papers correctly. Do not pursue the lower price only! First of all, let me introduce what is thermal paper (also called the thermal printing paper), it is used in the printing of thermal ticket printer( and what is ticket printer), hereinafter referred to as thermal paper. Thermal paper is usually divided into three layers, the bottom is the paper base, the second layer is the thermal coating, the third layer is the protective layer. Its quality mainly depends on the thermal coating or the protective layer. And be careful about the coating of the thermal paper, if the coating of the thermal paper is not uniform, it will lead to uneven color distribution during the printing, the color of some places are darker, some places are brighter. The quality of the printing is obviously reduced. If the chemical formula of the thermal coating is not reasonable, the storage time of the printing paper will be very short. The good print paper can be preserved (under the condition of normal temperature, avoiding direct sunlight) for 5 years, and now there is the super long effect thermal paper that may possibly be saved for 10 years. But if the formulation of the thermal coating is not reasonable, the paper may only be saved for a few months. The protective coating is also critical for the storage time after printing. It can absorb a part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating, and slow down the deterioration of the printing paper and protect the printer's thermal elements from being damaged. But if the protection of the coating is not uniform, it will not only greatly reduce the protection of the thermal coating, but also cause the particles of protective coating falling off in the process of printing, and leads to the friction of thermal elements of the printer, finally resulting in damage to the thermal elements of the printing. Finally, take a look at the size of paper, it is generally sold in the form of rolls, generally 80 mm*60 mm, 57 mm*50 mm are the most common sizes. The front number of the paper is the width, the later is the diameter. The general error of the width is within 1, 2 mm which will not affect the use of the printer, because the printer generally does not print on the edge of papers. But the diameter of the paper has a greater impact on purchasers because the total length of the paper on the roll is directly related to the price ratio of the paper. If the diameter is shown as 60 mm, but actually is only 58 mm, the length of the role of paper will be reduced by about 1 meters (actually how much depends on the thickness of the paper) But the thermal paper sells in the market is generally labeled X0, the actual diameter is often less than X0. There is a simple way for buyers, it is to take a small ruler and measure the diameter to check whether it is consistent with the diameter on the packing box.
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