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My cash register is broken. Is it because the thermal paper?

The cash register system plays an absolutely important role in a supermarket. If the cash register strikes, the whole supermarket will not be able to operate normally. However, in your daily life, do you often encounter the situation that the bill does not come out?

Generally speaking, there are two reasons for the problems of cash register. One is because of the thermal paper for cash register and the other is the thermal printing machine. Let's discuss these two problems.

What would be the problem with thermal paper for cash registers? Printing is generally not color, how to solve this problem? First of all, we need to confirm whether the thermal paper is thermal paper for cash register.

Judgement method: draw the paper face put fingernail or sharp article, if it can appear black mark, seem to write with pencil on white paper glidelike, if it had marks, means that it is okay to choose and buy these paper of thermal sensitive paper, try to change a kind of thermal sensitive paper otherwise.

Can not print them details may also be because the printer work when the drum is not pressed on the thermal paper. The thermal paper in and out of the normal pressure is not necessarily normal printer drum, disconnecting the thermal printer to check whether the printer work when the drum pressure on the thermal paper paper, if the print head is not in contact with the thermal paper, how heat is of no help, also can not print out the handwriting.

Both of these situations are related to the printing paper, so how can the printer affect the heat sensitive receipt printing? In fact, the key is in the type of printer, if the thermal printer is in the form of ribbon, it is necessary to check the printer work, whether the ribbon can be normal transfer printing, if not we need a new try.

A lot of times customers complain to us that the thermal paper is not easy to use, not put in the wrong direction, the paper is also in contact with the print head, but it is not color. We usually advise customers to check or change their printer ribbon and try printing again.
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