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Brief Introduction of Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is also called thermal facsimile transmission paper, thermal recording paper and thermal copy paper, it is called heat-sensitive carbon paper in Taiwan. Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper, its manufacturing principle is painting thermal coating on the superior body paper (thermal discoloration layer). Although this kind of discoloration layer is with more than ten kinds of chemical medicine, at least it has the following compound: colorless dye, this kind of dye has many varieties, the most common type is fluorescent chemicals; color developing agent takes up below 20 percent, frequently-used is bisphenol and PHBA; sensitizer takes up below 10 percent with amides of benzene sulfonate; filler takes up below 50 percent, frequently-used is calcium carbonate; adhesive takes up below 10 percent, such as PVAC; stabilizer like diphenyl phthalate and lubricant. Therefore, it is with difficult technology and high requirement to technology.

Thermal paper can be facsimile transmission paper as communication carrier for words and pictures; for medical treatment and meter measurement and control system, it is a kind of material for recording, like cardiogram paper and thermal instrument recording paper; it is also used for internet terminal as printer paper; for commercial activities, it is used for making brands, POS and so on, paper for facsimile transmission is used with largest proportion.
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