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Principle and Characteristics of Thermal Printer

The working principle of a thermal printer which produced by thermal printer roll suppliers is that a semiconductor heating element is installed on the printer head, after heating the print head and touching the thermal printing paper, you can print out the desired pattern or font,  the principle is similar to that of the thermal fax machine.  The image is generated by heating, and produced by chemical reaction with the thermal layer on the surface of the paper. This kind of thermal printer chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature. The high temperature will speed up the chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60 ℃, it takes a long time, even a few years, for paper to turn dark; when the temperature is 200 ℃, the reaction is completed in a few microseconds. Thermal printer is a kind of conventional bill printing equipment. It is an embedded real-time processing system which integrates software and hardware. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight, fast speed, low noise, clear printing, convenient use, and so on. Its ease of use and adaptability are better.

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