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80×75 Thermal Paper Roll

Our company use pure wood pulp to produce paper with smoothness and high whiteness, meeting various requirements of customers.

Factories sell thermal print paper with all sizes directly.

1. Pos machine paper, cash register paper and imprinter paper. The common sizes are 57mm*50mm, 57mm*30mm, 57mm*25mm,57mm*40mm and so on.

2. Hotel cash register paper, KTV cash register paper, hot pot restaurant cash register paper, bank queuing machine cash paper. The common sizes are 80mm*60mm, 80mm*50mm, 80mm*80mm, 80mm*40mm, 80mm*30mm and so on.

3. Drugstore no carbon action cash register paper, KTV cash register paper, mall cash register paper 75*60-2 whiting( white, white) 75mm*60mm-3 white, pink, yellow( white, pink, blue can be made)

4. Taxi paper, wagon balance paper 44mm*40mm

5. Pin type printer paper and two-side offset paper 75*60-1 single deck, 57*50 two-side offset paper.

6. Hotel kitchen paper, three proofing paper 80mm*60mm, 80mm*50mm, 80mm*80mm

The manufacturing principle of thermal paper:

The manufacturing principle of thermal paper is coating particle powder on general paper, its ingredient is colorless dye phenols or other acidic material, they are separated by thin film. Under heating conditions, thin film melt and mix with powder, then they come into being chromogenic reaction. The writing on thermal paper is not stable and easy to fade away, so files on it is hard to recognize. Thermal coating will change when its temperature is over 70℃。

The ingredient of thermal paper: there are two main thermal elements in thermal paper coating: one is colorless dye or leuco dye, the other is color developing agent. This kind of thermal paper is also called bi-component chemical type thermal paper, colorless dye and color developing agent produce chemical reaction and get color after heating, so the image-text comes into being when using thermal paper receive signal on the fax machine or printing by printer directly. Because there are so many types of colorless dye, the colors of writing are different like blue, purplish red and black. The lottery tickets are always thermal paper.

  • Thermal Paper Roll 80*75mm Thermal Paper Roll 80*75mm 01,04,2017 80*75mm thermal paper which is usually use for the credit card machine for the supermarket or restaurant, diner, snack bars. We provide with top quality without any dust and easy reading ,ensuring tha... view
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