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Classification and Model of Cash Register Paper

Cash register paper can be divided into four categories

1. Double adhesive paper: Cash register paper processed from ordinary double adhesive paper is single-layer, and there is no coating on the paper surface. Cashier paper is printed with ribbon.

2. Thermosensitive paper: Cash register paper processed from thermal paper is single-layer paper. Paper is coated with thermosensitive chemical coatings, and the surface of the paper is relatively smooth. There are clear marks on the paper scratched with nails or hard objects.

3. Carbon-free paper: This paper consists of at least two or more layers of paper. The first layer needs color rendering with needle printer, while the latter layer needs color rendering with the pressure of needle printer.

4. Self-Sensitive Paper: This paper consists of one or more layers. It uses the printing pressure of a needle printer to color the paper. The first layer of this paper is self-sensing paper.

Commonly used models of cash register paper:

Thermosensitive paper, ordinary double adhesive paper and carbon-free paper

The General specifications of thermal sensitivity are as follows: model 57x50, 57x60, 57x80, 75x50, 75x60, 75x80, 80x50, 80x60, 80x80, 80x140, etc.

The General specifications of common double adhesive paper include: model 44x40, 57x60, 70x60, 75x60, 75x80, 82x70, 82x80, etc.

Common specifications of carbon-free cash register paper include: 57x40 double-layer, 57x60 double-layer, 75x60 double-layer, 75x60 three-layer, 241x100 double-layer, 241x100 three-layer, etc.

The above is about the classification and model of cash register paper!

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