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Cautions for Adhesive Labels Roll

In many situations, the small adhesive labels roll labels are an important manifestation of the company's image and brand, which play an important role in reflecting product quality and arousing consumers' desire to buy. So, choose the labels, or adhesive labels roll labels.

How to avoid backshadowing in the printing process of adhesive labels roll labels? The following problems should be paid attention to in the printing process of adhesive labels roll labels:

1. For cylindrical bottles, especially those smaller than 30mm in diameter, we should be careful to select the materials.

2. If the size of the label is too large or too small, we should pay attention to the actual test.

3. If the surface is irregular or even spherical, special consideration should be given to the type, thickness and adhesive of the label material.

4. Some rough surfaces, such as corrugated cartons, will affect labeling, and the varnish on the surface of corrugated cartons will also affect labeling.

5. Automatic labeling machine labeling can do the labeling test if necessary.
Even if the label is labeled at the normal temperature, attention should be paid to whether it goes through high temperature during the output and use.

6. Multi-water or multi-oil environment will affect the properties of the adhesives. Attention should be paid to the labeling environment and temperature.

7. Plasticizers sometimes leak out on the surface of soft PVC. Special attention should be paid to the selection of suitable adhesives.

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