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Application Performance of Thermal Paper

Application performance: In the process of configuring thermal coating, we should pay attention to the adhesive after the dye and the chromogenic agent are mixed well before they can be combined on the base paper because the dye and the chromogenic mixture produce the chromogenic phenomenon. The dispersion consisting mainly of leuco dyes and the dispersion consisting mainly of chromogenic agents should be ground separately, and mixed with low shear mixing to prevent heat from being produced during grinding or mixing, which results in the occurrence of the chromogenic reaction.

The drying temperature during the processing of thermal paper which provided by 57mm thermal roll suppliers is very important, it could be chromogenic if don't control well. Airflow drying is generally used and is divided into separate drying zones to ensure that the temperature of the sheet is not too high. In addition, in order to ensure the high smoothness of thermal paper, it is generally necessary to finish the finishing with calendering after coating, but the pressure cannot be too big to cause a color change.

The surface of the thermal paper should be smooth, clean and evenly coated, it should not have folds, wrinkles, holes, visible lines, cracks, spots, etc. The edges of the paper should be neat and the end of the reel should be smooth and clean. The tone of each batch of paper should not be significantly different.
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