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Thermal Paper: Printer Consumables You Commonly See but Not Pay Attention to

Many young people who struggle in the first-tier cities need to devote more time and energy to study and work because of the great pressure of their work. For lunch, it was left to takeout. When we receive our own meals, the merchant will provide a slip of information about the details and prices of the order. Many people rush through lunch and throw it into the trash can with their lunch packages. For this kind of thing, we often see but seldom care about, in fact, there are many hidden knowledges. Today, let's talk about the simple note that everyone is very concerned about.

Question 1: What exactly are these order sheets?

The scientific name of these order papers is thermal paper. In our daily life, the common sizes are 57 millimeters and 80 millimeters wide. The 57 millimeters wide thermal cash register rolls is generally used in mobile POS machines or supermarkets. The 80 millimeters wide thermal cash register rolls is used in order printing such as catering. The thickness of paper is the same as that of A4 paper. It is also expressed in grams per square meter. There are many commonly used thicknesses, such as 55 grams every square meter, 65 grams every square meter and so on.

Question 2: Are thermal paper very common in life?

In fact, these papers not only apply to take-out orders, we go to supermarkets to buy printed shopping receipts, express packages on the sticker of electronic face sheets, bank ATM withdrawal receipts printed are thermal cash register rolls. These papers are smoother on the front than on the back, which is also a way to distinguish the positive from the negative. In addition, some supermarkets will directly print some preferential information on the back. This type of thermal paper is relatively thick.
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