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BPA Free Thermal Paper Rolls

In recent years, BPA in heat-sensitive paper has aroused many consumers' concerns. BPA is an acidic substance, so it is used in thermosensitive paper to react with dark dyes at high temperature to produce color. In addition, BPA is more used as a raw material for making some plastics or coatings. Therefore, the main way for BPA to enter the human body is to use these containers to store food, and trace amounts of BPA enter the human body along with the food. However, recent studies have shown that exposure to bills printed on thermal paper may also lead to BPA entering the human body. For example, a new study has shown that BPA levels in urine increase after prolonged exposure to heat-sensitive paper. Because the chemical structure of BPA is similar to estradiol, the main estrogen secreted by human body. It is feared that it may interfere with normal endocrine after entering the human body, thus increasing the risk of many diseases. However, it should be pointed out that the concentration of BPA entering the human body through food and heat sensitive paper is very low, and the existing research is difficult to confirm the impact of BPA on human health. However, although BPA has not yet been banned from producing thermal paper, many manufacturers have begun to use other acidic substances to replace BPA free thermal paper rolls on the market.

If you are worried about the small amount of BPA entering the body due to contact with the purchase receipt, the more feasible precaution is to store the receipt as soon as possible without too much contact, and wash your hands after contact with the receipt. Of course, replacing paper receipts with electronic receipts may be a healthier and more environmentally friendly way.
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