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Selection and Purchase of Thermal Paper for Cashier Paper in Shopping Malls

Thermal paper is a kind of printing paper specially used in thermal printers and thermal fax machines. Its quality directly affects the quality of printing and storage time, and even affects the service life of printers and fax machines. At present, there are many good and bad thermal papers on the market, and the national standard has not been issued yet. Many users are not clear how to identify the quality of thermal paper. This provides convenience for many businesses to make low-quality thermal paper, and causes losses for users. The light storage time becomes shorter, the handwriting is blurred, and the printer is seriously damaged.

Today I'm going to tell you how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper for cash register so as not to be fooled again. The thermal paper for cash register is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal coating, and the third layer is protective coating. The main impact on its quality is thermal coating or protective coating. If the coating of thermal paper is not uniform, it will lead to dark color in some places, light color in some places, printing quality significantly reduced, if the chemical formula of thermal coating is unreasonable. As a result, the retention time of printed paper becomes very short. Good printing paper can be saved for 5 years (at room temperature and without direct sunlight). Now it can be saved for 10 years. But if the formulation of the thermal coating is not reasonable, it may only be saved for several months. The protective coating of thermal paper for cash register is also critical for the preservation time after printing. It can absorb a part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating, slow down the deterioration of the printing paper, and protect the thermal components of the printer from damage, but if the protective coating is not uniform, it will not only greatly reduce the protection of the thermal coating, but also will appear in the printing process the fine particles of the protective coating will fall off, friction the thermal components of the printer, resulting in pairs of printers. Damage to printed thermal elements.
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