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Common Questions and Answers on Color Processing in Adhesive Labels Roll Printing

1. Ink cannot print all RGB colors. What should we do?
In fact, in the process of adhesive labels roll printing, the brighter color and some metallic luster can not be printed, and can only be replaced by CMYK. At this time, if the selected color box is found to be incorrect or some values are followed by an exclamation mark, the color can not be printed.

2. What criteria does RGB convert to CMYK?
Adhesive labels roll printing usually appears in the color of blue, sometimes the screen appears in the color of blue. But in fact, the printing of blue is very different, will produce color bias, but also very serious. Note that a RGB can be turned into a CMYK, nor can it be said that the printed color is the color of the screen.
So how to solve the problem? First, a printed color table can be used to check the color actually printed by the adhesive labels roll. There are various combinations of CMYK in the printed color table. You can first find the color you want from the color table, and then enter it into the device. This is better. In fact, we don't need to check one by one. We can just confirm some important words and frames.

The other is to use CYMK to specify the color, which is more complicated. First of all, in some editing software, such as photoshop, this can be used to specify the color directly, so as far as possible to use this mode to operate, the color printed will not be very deviated.
However, many of the filters in Photoshop can not work in this mode, so they can only switch to RGB mode, and then back to CYMK mode after using the filter. Photoshop can convert pictures directly into this mode for editing, so the printed color can be seen.
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