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POS Thermal Paper Can Not Type? Maybe it's All These Reasons!

Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal record paper and thermal copy paper. In Taiwan, it is called thermal copy paper. Thermo-sensitive paper is a kind of processing paper. Its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of "thermos-sensitive paint" on high quality base paper. It can print without cartridge. It only needs to be heated by a high-temperature printing head on the thermal paper to image. The cost of consumables and installation is low. So it has been well used and promoted. POS thermal paper for POS machine is also available on the market.

POS thermal paper
can be printed by heating clearly. Why can't you type a small note? If we can't type out the words, where should we start to check them?

1. Check the thermal paper. Thermo-sensitive POS machine must use thermal paper, and only the smooth side of the paper can be printed, if installed in reverse, it can not print out the words. Here's a little trick, with a gentle scratch of nails, leaving a black scratch is the side that thermal paper can print. In addition, thermal paper also has a shelf life, it is best to know clearly before buying, once it expires, it will also lead to typing. To judge whether it's expired or not, we should also mark it with sharp objects. If it's not colored, it's expired. However, we can generally neglect this issue of shelf life, because the shelf life of heat-sensitive paper is 35 years old! So you can rest assured.

2. Check the print head. Thermo-sensitive printing head must produce high temperature to make thermal paper image. At this time, don't touch the thermal head directly with your hand, otherwise it is easy to burn. To determine whether it is a problem of thermal printing head, you can see whether the printed ticket is blurred or not. If it is, it is usually a stain on the thermal head. You can wipe it lightly with alcohol sponge. If it is still blurred, you need to replace the thermal film.

3. Check the drum of POS machine. When printing, it is necessary to press the thermos-sensitive paper firmly with the help of the drum. If the drum is loose, it will lead to poor contact between the thermos-sensitive printing needle and the thermos-sensitive paper and can not type. Then try pulling down the printing paper to check whether the drum is loose.

Starting from these places to check, you can eliminate the problem that most POS thermal paper can't print. Have you learned?
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