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Development History of Thermal Paper

The outline of the development of thermal printing paper rolls is as follows. The colorless dye thermosensitive recording paper developed by NCR company is developing with the development of fax machines. Especially in Japan, it has made remarkable progress. In Europe and America, telex is used as document communication, but in Japan, Chinese characters and pseudonyms are the main body, and written documents are given great hope as the original and immovable faxes of portraits. Competition to further improve clarity and preserve life has promoted technological progress.

Thermofax was developed by 3M Company in 1950.

In 1968, NCR Corporation developed colorless dye-based thermal paper

Fax G1 specification, low speed A4 (6 points)

In 1971, ten papermaking (now Japanese) were listed on the market in Japan to sell heat-sensitive papers.

1976 Fax G2 Specification Medium Speed A4 (3 points)

1980 Fax G3 Specification High Speed A4 (60 seconds)

High Sensitivity Competition

In 1985, Japan's output reached 35,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the world market.

Competition for Life Preservation

1988 Fax G4 Specification Ultra High Speed A4 (3 seconds)

Japan's output reached 126,000 tons in 1999

Development of Thermal Paper Uses

Japan's production reached 114,000 tons in 2013

Use of Thermal Paper

As mentioned above, thermal printing paper has been developed because of its use in facsimile. It has the advantage of using thermal paper flexibly, and a variety of other uses are also used. Nowadays, small printers such as cash registers use the most thermal printing paper rolls.
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