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Is Long-term Exposure to Heat-sensitive Paper Harmful to People?

Strictly speaking, the color of the thermal cash register rolls is developed by coating some chemical raw materials such as bisphenol A on the top. There is still some difference between A4 type paper and normal paper. Long-term contact still has some damage. In this case, we want to reduce the harm of thermal paper to the body, or to choose the products of regular manufacturers. In addition, we need to learn to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper.

First of all, we can judge the quality of the thermal cash register rolls by observation. The base layer of the good thermal paper is produced by the original wood pulp. The bond between the thermal layer and the protective layer is very uniform, so the surface coating is smooth and the surface is slightly greenish. Too much bleaching agent is usually added to the paper with too much bleaching agent. There will be a lot of debris in the cutting edge of the roll of this paper with too much bleaching agent.

In addition, we can use the method of fire-baking to test the quality of the thermal cash register rolls. When the flame is baked on the back of the paper, the color coating of the thermal paper will be heated and blackened. At this time, good thermal paper, because the heating center of the paper and the heating edge of the paper are heated differently, the change of the blackening depth is becoming lighter and lighter from the center to the surrounding.

The most important thing is to see from the actual printing quality, good thermal cash register rolls clear text. In the poor thermal cash register rolls, the text part is easy to be missing, difficult to recognize.
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