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Fabrics of Adhesive Label Roll

The most frequently used fabrics for adhesive label roll materials are paper and chemical films. Common fabrics and features are as follows:

(1) Offset paper: also known as writing paper and die paper. Its surface is non-coated matte paper. It is usually printed in monochrome or barcode information label. It can also be written directly.
(2) Copper plate paper: coated paper. Medium gloss paper with coated surface has high smoothness and lower surface brightness than mirror coated paper. At present, it is used in the pharmaceutical and food industries under color printing. It is also a good printing material for heat transfer bar code labels.
(3) Mirror coated paper: Super calendering treatment with high surface gloss. It is mainly used in products labels requiring bright printing color, such as pharmaceuticals, health products and other industries.
(4) Thermosensitive paper: Information labels commonly used in supermarkets are also used in thermal printing information labels of large logistics companies.
(5) Heat transfer paper: adhesive label roll specially developed for heat transfer printing. The surface of paper is coated with special coating, especially for the fine bar code, which has excellent printing effect, so that when scanning the product bar code, it will not be unable to recognize because of the breakpoints and broken lines of the bar code. Moreover, the face paper is not easy to discolor, and the durability time is longer than that of the copper plate paper.
(6) Laser printing paper for office use: Offset paper is the most common material for laser printers in the market. However, the high temperature and high speed of the printer make the pressure sensitive adhesive easy to cause glue leakage failure under the action of high temperature, and easy to damage the printer. But special laser printing paper adhesive can solve this problem. There are also some uncommon paper-based self-adhesive label surface materials such as fragile paper, aluminum foil and so on, which are also used in food, health care products, wine products and so on.
(7) PE film: polyethylene film, with bright white, sub-white, bright silver and transparent surface, which is soft, water-resistant, oil-resistant and extrusion-resistant. It should be widely used in daily chemical products, such as shampoo, shower dew and other products.
(8) PP film: polypropylene film, with bright white, sub-white, bright silver and transparent surface, has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and good stiffness. Ultra-transparent PP self-adhesive label material, due to its high transparency, it is attached to a transparent bottle and looks like it has a visual effect without labels. It is also widely used in daily chemical products and cosmetics.
(9) PET film: polyester film, surface treated and untreated. The surface has bright white, sub-white, transparent and various metallized bright silver, silver and other kinds. Because of its high stiffness, water resistance, temperature resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, it is suitable for labeling materials of various electronic products and machinery on the plane.
(10) PVC film: PVC film, with transparent, white, sub-white surface, water, oil and solvent resistance, is mainly used in chemical products. PVC film with shrinkage property can be used as shrinkage label material for batteries.
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