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Classification and Model of Products of Cash Register Paper

Cash register paper, as its name implies, refers to the roll used in the cash register to record the details of the cash register. It is mainly used to provide customers with shopping lists, which can be replaced after use.

Generally, the material of cash register paper is the corresponding material suitable for printing parts inside cash register. For ordinary needle printers, ordinary 1-3 layers of printing paper can be used to print. For thermal head printers, only thermal printing paper can be used to print. Ordinary needle printers need to use printing consumables such as ribbons and cash paper. Thermo-sensitive head printer can be printed by using thermal printing paper without any other auxiliary consumables.

Product classification

1. Double tape: cash register paper produced by using ordinary double tape is all single-layer. There is no coating on the paper surface. The cashier paper prints words on it by ribbon.
2. Thermo-sensitive paper: Cashier paper produced by thermal paper processing is all single-layer. The paper surface is coated with thermos-sensitive chemical coating. The paper is printed and colored by laser thermal head. Its characteristic is that it does not need printing consumables, carbon tape and ink cartridge. And the paper surface is smooth, with nails or hard objects on the paper will have a clear impression when scratched.
3. Carbon-free paper: This cash register consists of at least two or more layers. In the first couple, needle printers are used to print color, but in the latter couple, needle printers are used to print pressure color.
4. Self-sensing paper: This kind of cash register paper consists of one or more layers. It develops by printing pressure of needle printer. The printing paper does not need to be installed with ribbon. The first couple of this cash register paper is called self-sensing paper, and the latter couples are ordinary carbon-free paper.

Common models

There are three kinds of common cash register paper: heat sensitive paper, ordinary double-adhesive paper and carbon-free paper. The commonly used specifications of heat sensitivity are 57x50, 57x60, 57 x80, 75x50, 75x60, 75x80, 80x50, 80x60, 80x80, 80 x140, etc.
The common specifications of common double cash register paper are 44x40, 57x60, 70x60, 75x60, 75x80, 76x80, 82x80, etc.
The common specifications of carbon-free cash register paper are 57x40 double-layer, 57x60 double-layer, 75x60 double-layer, 75x60 three-layer, 241x100 double-layer, 241x100 three-layer, etc.

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